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Preference: He’s your best friend and you’re secretly in love with each other :3(1/5)

Anon request ^^)

Harry: “HAARRRRRY STYLES!” You shrieked from the mirror in the bathroom. Your entire face was covered with whipped cream. Harry, your best friend since you’d help him hide from fangirls a couple of months ago, had spent the night at your place and UNDOUBEDTLY pulled the old ‘put whipped cream in the hand then tickle your face’ trick on you. You heard muffled giggling from downstairs, and grabbed the nearest bottle of shaving cream, shook it up violently and ran downstairs. “I’M GONNA GET YOU YOU LITTLE TU-” At the bottom of the stairs, you slipped and fell. Harry had strategically placed more whipped cream on the last step, possibly for a quick getaway,  causing you to nearly twist your ankle. Lucky for you, Harry had also placed a pillow on the bottom of the step too. But you needed revenge somehow, something that would be sure to get him to calm his nuggets. “OWWW! HARRY! MY ANKLE!” You screamed at the top of your lungs, grabbing onto your ankle that only you knew was perfectly fine. Harry came running in when he heard you scream. “OHNOOHNO I’M SO SORRY IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!” He said as soon as he saw your ankle. “H-HARRY I THINK IT’S BROKEN!” You started to sniffle, secretly grinning on the inside and glad you watched the video where Harry got pranked by the pregnant interview lady. “NONONO YOU’LL BE FINE!” Harry picked you up and you restrained the urge to giggle. “H-harry..” You began to tell him that you were okay. “SHHH!” Harry put his hand over your mouth. Harry began to carry you to his car. “Seriously Harry I’m okay!” you shrieked, but it came out muffled. “Don’t worry, I’ll get you to a nice hospital and everything..” Harry said setting you on the seat. You’d never seen Harry act like that before. “HARRRRRROLLLLLD EDWARD STYLLES!” You screamed out at the  top of your lungs. “WHAT?!” Harry screamed back as he started up the car. “MY ANKLE IS FINE LOOK!” You twisted your ankle in every possible direction to show him it was alright. “But…but..” Harry simply stared at your ankle for a minute, then a flash of rage crossed his face. “DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW WORRIED I WAS?! I THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO DIEEE! TO DIE, DO YOU HEAR ME?! DIIIIEEE!” He screeched, and you couldn’t help but giggle. “Why were you so worried about me?!” You grinned. Suddenly a big blush crossed Harry’s face. “No reason,” He mumbled and looked down. “Come on Styles, tell me,” You whined and poked him. “No!” He said quickly. “Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me.” You said, poking him each time. “Okay if I tell you will you calm down?” Harry sighed. You nodded earnestly, eager to find out his secret. “I-I love you, (y/n).” He said slowly. You felt your heart race in your chest as you thought of what to say back. You’d felt that way for months, even before you knew him. “Harry…I’ve felt that way since before I met you!” You grinned happily, though perhaps he go without knowing about the tumblr. Harry blushed even more and looked up at you, smiling sweetly. “Really?” His dimples were the most adorable things on earth. You nodded and blushed. Harry suddenly cupped your hands in his face and kissed you passionatly.

A/n: Harry’s got really long, so I’ll do the other ones later in the same post XD

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